The latins could synthesize many concepts and meanings into one word only. Munus is an example of one of these words, meaning "A gift which expects an Exchange" so Munus is the root of several words such as Community,communication, municipality, reward,mutual support, to recompense, etc. We have the passion to consider our own activity as a "Munus", and we are aware that there is a very high "Price" to pay, as we have to dedicate all our energy, time and ideas to it, but, even so, for us,our work remains a gift with a higher value to what is requested in return. "Munus" for the latins meant also "to arrogate to themselves a great responsibility, as such, to be in charge of caring for the interest of Others", therefore we will look after your needs with full responsibility being aware of the great value of them.
"Munus Philosophy of working" is that our products and our services, which you will receive, are Worth much more than their costs.




Munus International carries out its activities through controlled or participating companies, integrated with Foremost Groups. Hence Italian design matches with a structure present since over 30 years in the core areas with offices, logistics and production sites, succeeding – through this partnership – to produce articles and make them available in the global market.
The different activity areas and the different needs of our customers are handled by companies having dedicated offices and logistics that take advantage, if necessary, of the whole Foremost structure which is present widespread in various countries:

  • Munus International Srl – Italy – Via della Valtiera, 233 – 06135 Perugia
  • Munus International Ltd – Hong Kong - Flat B, 4/F., Carbo Mansion, 325 Queen's Road, Central - HK
  • Munus International Inc – USA – 906 Murray Road East Hanover, New Jersey, USA 07936
  • Munus International Ltd – Canada – 5970 Chedworth Way, Unit A, Mississauga, Ontario Canada, L5R 3V5
  • Domus Stile Srl – Italy – Via della Valtiera, 233 – 06135 Perugia


Projects and design arise and get improved mainly in the Italian seat of Collestrada. Shapes, ideas and new articles come alive in VIVI 3D and FUCINA CREATIVA divisions. Such structures work in a 400 sqm space and are endowed with available up-to-date technical supports. The draw, often conceived on paper, is transformed into project through sophisticated softwares that make it visible in photorealistic renders at first, then also physically usable with 3D prototypes made of resin.
Actually the article is first “produced” in Italy, then files are sent to factories for mass production. This is what usually happens now, but the contact with Foremost centers of research and development in Taiwan, New Jersey and Canada intensifies day after day. In fact, the presence into markets being in tight contact with the sales force naturally takes to requests to satisfy a specific need. This puts in contact people that then have a dialogue and from there it arises an exchange, a share taking to an idea, a shape, a product being “globally designed”.



The activity of Munus International is divided in food, non-food and services.


Food export from Italy is strictly Made in Italy, often tied to single Italian regions like Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily etc or specific places like Sorrento, Montalcino, Chianti, Parma, Gragnano etc.
A solid experience of the dedicated staff actualizes in succeeding putting the best Italian producers in contact with the major international structures often requiring audits, local services, certificates and product adjustments that our company makes true efficiently placing itself in the right place and stepping in between supply and demand.


Knowledge and control of production processes are decisive to understand and choose the level of quality one wants to give the product designed by us and this is essential to make the defined standard comply in each single piece delivered to our customer. Quality and control are the most important elements perfected thanks to Foremost philosophy and structure. Many people are in charge to those functions, different and qualified in every single product and process category. Some factories are owned, when the production process requires a total control, others operate with partnership agreements and, in other cases, with outsourcing operations, if it is enough just controlling the final product. In many cases we cooperate with factories to get them adapted to required parameters aiming to get certificates or passing stringent audits.


Design, web, sales and marketing activities, structured inside our company, reach levels of specialization that are often shared with our partners and important contacts.
Each of our services, up to today dedicated for about 90% to internal needs of our company, are described singularly onto our website.



Goods are released to customers with a wide range of delivery terms according to quantity and destination country, through logistic structures and operative plants located in 3 continents.


Goods that need to be in stock and treated in European markets are handled by 2 seats in accordance with the kind of product and the need of our customer.
Ponte Felcino: showroom/logistica – Via del Rame 23, 06134 Ponte Felcino (PG)
Ancona: logistica – Via Enrico Mattei 26, Ancona (AN)


In China available structures are located in various strategical areas, from South to North. Often Foremost factories, logistic sites and offices are involved; the main are located in Rizhao, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Tangshan, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei, e Binh Duong (Vietnam).

US - Canada

US and Canadian markets ask a high level of domestic service; this is easily carried out thanks to the support of rooted Foremost structure covering the whole North America.



Activities, as well as the kind of handled products, change in relation to the reference country. People managing the relation with our clients are figures crucial to take back the needs of market and often propose new solutions. Usually our sales force isn’t only restricted to the simple sales agreement but is involved in the whole process going from product conception to delivery having a careful monitoring of results and so controlling the consumer’s feedback and demand. The whole activity of our sales department is aimed at monitoring the CONSUMER acceptance, at a success to be reached only when the final consumer chooses our products and is satisfied with them. Our sales dept. has a very tight contact with market, clients, design, production and logistics working in concert to meet the consumer’s needs translated into sales agreements.



Highlighted clients are connected with ongoing or recently carried out jobs being very successful. We have a wide client portfolio in many countries and all of them are indistinctly the fundament of our structure.


It is with the spirit of the Munus that our products are conceived, the aim is to give maximum satisfaction to our customers. The Italian design and planning offer the best solutions, with a high level of skill, even when it is not a famous brand. In order to do so, our production is concentrated all over the world wherever the prices and the standard of qualities are the most competitive, but this does not exclude that in the future the best production could arrive from Japan or Nigeria or even Alaska, we have clients and head offices in these three continents and therefore we can proudly say that our activity is truly global.


Foodesign expresses a true way to reinterpret the everyday table through daily use of refined objects that we would be generally using only for special occasions. Our design comes from the foodstuff and from the desire to see it used in a certain way. As poets need to have a source of inspiration, in the same way the design needs to have an intuition. Our Muse is food as our desire is to eat it with one of our objects.


Cepriani and Rivaldi signs home furnishings with the aim to make your home become functional, Young and cheerful. Blown glass, acrylic, porcelain, wood, fabrics, aluminium and stainless steel ... ranging freely starting from the material itself to conceive in the same way commonly used or unusual products. We give a fresh and practical interpretation to items that can easily fit into the most suitable place in your ambience.


DeaGourmet expresses a true way to reinterpret the everyday table through daily use of refined objects that we would be generally using only for special occasions. Our design comes from the foodstuff and from the desire to see it used in a certain way. As poets need to have a source of inspiration, in the same way the design needs to have an intuition. Our Muse is food as our desire is to eat it with one of our objects.


Sensotek awnings are designed and built to last long. Structures made of extruded aluminium grant maximum resistance and lightness and all components made of stainless steel make your awnings resistant to weather factors. Among the numerous certificates, duration tests grant 20.000 complete movements, so 20 years resistance. Latest generation motors and electronics satisfy every kind of automation. Acrylic fabric weighing 300 grams per sqm are the best solution, while UV and anti-rain treatments complete the protection turning your outdoor into spaces completing your domestic life, offering sensations and atmospheres that only gardens, balconies and terraces can express ... if furnished with Sensotek awnings.


Eclisss parasols are conceived and projected to offer the best in terms of technology and functionality. Our models are addressed to both Ho.Re.Ca channel and privates to satisfy all needs. Eclisss 11 represents the avant-garde in this field: 8 meters diameter, 64 sqm coverage, extremely simple opening&closing system and design make it THE solution for large spaces, usually occupied by obstacles and complications. Materials used are aluminium (anodized or powder-varnished), acrylic, steel, UV treatments .. everything best is currently available, from 1,5 to 8 meters Eclisss.


Thanks to the close cooperation with the biggest producer worldwide, TeknoGas offers traditional, innovative gas stoves for outdoor use. Solutions projected by Munus International Srl give our models elements of uniqueness for both use and aesthetics. Electronic ignitions allow a practical, quick activation. Worktops for a pleasant conviviality. New models completely made of stainless steel that, even if offering excellent warmth performances, favour the atmosphere of a naked flame. Functionality of warmth completes with the integration of “Compatta”. The model projected by us is for heat going from the ground top and grants homogeneous temperature if combined with traditional models already in use.

Elettro Vivere

With Elettro Vivere the infrared technology gets along with functionality and energy saving.
Remote control devices and LED lighting transform heating elements in practical and elegant chandeliers, same as standing tables that become enlightened points of attraction and meeting.
Heat and light magically join giving a very low hourly consumption.
Thanks to the latest technologies our products absorb energy for an average cost of 12 cents per hour.

Candele d'Aurora

The truth of a flame, the smell of pleasure, the feeling of well-being... Art and beauty merge in the wax and come to life in Candele d'Aurora.
Variety of shapes, sizes, scents and colors, everything necessary to give your ambience something magical and always new that awakens our senses.
Candele d'Aurora... kindle your soul!


Essences were one of the early discoveries of man; fire let resins release a pleasant smell and here originated perfume, that is per fumum. Starting from this, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans and – more in general – all refined, civilized cultures made full use of perfumes bestowing on them sometimes magical meanings. The magic of perfumes lies in the fact that they recall the most faraway memories, emotions and sensations. Our diffusers are alcohol-free with 12,5% essence that, without the alcoholic fillip, spreads out naturally. Natural are also components like wood, dried flowers and rattan. The aesthetic detail of our product is well-finished so to be not only a diffusion tool but also a unique piece of furniture.


Technology and innovation are the basis of TAKY products. All items are subjected to very stringent tests that simulate durability and performance in the laboratory to ensure that users always have efficient and durable


iMun brands porcelain magnesium creations.
This new material made with high technology allows to produce thin and light objects having the charm of porcelain but with the unique resistance and refinement of magnesium. Once applied to tableware, this material was then discovered and patented by Munus International Srl for its appliance on lighting field. Passing through this material, light transforms itself and gives ambience a dreaming atmosphere which is unique, magic...lunar.


Technology and innovation are the basis of Elettroliving products.


The services are many but all have one thing in common, they all provide services at 360°, and each of these services benefit from the "know how" of each section. If the service provided is the creation of a graphic idea, the department will be activated using the aid of other resources, from marketing to sales, from 3D to management, so as to have a suitable and effective product for the requirement, that start from a need to develop a product for a market. The idea that animates is an idea of strategic marketing that can be offered across-the-board or in its individual components.


Italian food, our first passion. Our company’s DNA contains the wish of good things, eating, drinking, the moment of conviviality as a maximum expression of being. The experience lays its foundations in generations of producers, breeders and farmers and evolves in the knowledge to become point of reference for whom looks for best quality at the most competitive price in Italy. The sourcing service offered is combined with logistics and consolidation of shipments worldwide and controls documents and certifications being necessary for crossing the most distant borders. Our activity reaches its peak on Christmas time, when all our energies are devoted to 3 important producers of food gift boxes and hampers. Sales, customization, shipment and post-sales management is handled by an expert, efficient team that grants the maximum care and assistance in the very short period of this activity.

Web Wonder Window

A wonderful window on the world of Web, yes .. this way we conceive this instrument in itself and this way is translated the name of this division. When we start creating a web site, everything is focused on the fact that from this fantastic window lots of fishes can be fished. On the function of the website the symbol of logo is its guideline!!! Internet, a sea where one can fish. But how, where, which net with? Well, a website in itself is an instrument, a first support, a home, a floating house from which one can cast right nets and lures so to have a specific, abundant fishing. Our websites are realized in HTML5/CSS3 Responsive, recent, widespread technology allowing to create dynamic, light websites being compatible with the most recent browsers on different disposals as pc of various dimensions and resolutions, tablet and smartphone. In addition, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques are used for indexing websites into the most important search engines.

Vivi 3D

Vivi3D is the branch of Munus International transforming ideas into reality.

Our services are:


This is a professional service intended for the creation of photo-realistic pictures of architectural projects, environmental insertions, plans for estate agents, designers and builders.


Creation of 3D models and virtual prototypes being highly detailed, made to start from technical drawings, drafts and photo references.


Creation of 3D real-time interactive apps fully customized, visible on every kind of computer or mobile disposal. It is possible exploring virtual settings in a simple, intuitive way


Storyboards, 3D animations, post-production, motion graphic …

La fucina creativa

The new-generation Mac, In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D ... powerful server, external memory, Pantone, record of images, photographers and much more. All this is necessary, vital, but we see it as the soil, a soil that has to be fertile for a seed to grow and which will give us a reward of a more generous harvest. But what we look for is often the most difficult thing: finding the seed, the right idea. This is not in the hardware or in the software, it is a creation that comes from everything around us, everything becomes a tool, a lever, a source of inspiration. The graphics and creative department of Munus International is in continuous communication with all other departments to ensure that the seed is the right one, and whenever you find it is an emotion; something born and then expresses itself in the catalogs, companies, markets ... a creation that, in spite of that, then leave you and live for someone else.

BPM Consult

Large businesses, now, since many years, depend, live and thrive on strategic marketing. Technically speaking, they have become so refined that very few worldwide agencies are able to support or train people to be suitable for a certain position. The medium-small business has always lived and normally lives such phenomenon as a part of a mechanism – sometimes as a victim, some other times as a winning protagonist in a game where often, the casuality or the strong determination of Others dictate the rules. We strongly believe that the real and easier opportunities are right in the small and medium companies and serve to make it clear to David that Goliath is not invincible or that often it is not necessary to deal with it. Factors that have changed the world like Globalization, Iper-competitiveness and the Internet can be enormous opportunities, above all if one catches the reverse trends that already represent large, fruitful spaces. Here below are only a few sentences by Prof. Philip Kotler.

“Marketing is too often confused with selling. Selling is only the tip of the marketing iceberg.”

“Companies think that marketing exists to support manufacturing, to get rid of the company’s products. The truth is the reverse, that manufacturing exists to support marketing.”

“Selling starts only when you have a product. Marketing starts before there is a product.”

“[…]marketing is not a short-term selling effort but a long-term investment effort.”

“[…]marketing activities should not be carried out in a single department but they should be manifest in all the activities of the organization.”

“CEOs tend to see marketing as a department that comes into play after the products has been made and the remaining job is to sell it. We argue instead that marketing must be seen as setting the strategic direction for the firm.”

“I would not say that marketing is more of an art, a craft or a science but rather that it has all these elements operating.”

“Marketing’s key process are: (1) opportunity identification, (2) new product development, (3) costumer attraction, (4) customer retention and loyalty building, and (5) order fulfillment. A company that handles all of these processes well will normally enjoy success. But when a company fails at any one of these processes, it will not survive.”

Domus Stile


The synergy between Foremost Groups and Munus International represents the will to merge manufacturing and logistic worldwide organization with Italian “culture” that can be expressed only technically in design. More than this, it is a matter of Mediterranean sensations, environments, history, landscape and culture to be understood and expressed into new ideas, models and products that satisfy global needs.
Domus Stile begins interpreting this will with a first assortment dedicated to outdoor furnishing.
Domus was for Romans the noble residence in the city, different from villa that was the country house, from casae standing for the early Etruscan huts transformed by Romans into houses and from many other words describing different kinds of living.
The garden was the fulcrum of Domus, placed right in the center, accessible by various living and sleeping spaces, it represented the very heart of household living.
It is fascinating discovering how contemporary the concept of Roman Domus in terms of furnishing is. Furniture was an instrument to be used and it is amazing observing the way carbonized wood furniture of Ercolano and Pompei are, as a matter of facts, our classics; the whole modern world has naturally drawn inspiration from Roman furniture: small round table having 3 legs, square tables with wooden or marble surface, folding tables, consoles, chests, cradles, kitchen cabinets and strongboxes. Feature of every piece of furniture is, for Romans, that aesthetics and magnificence were often conferred to structural elements like plasters, mosaics, sculptures and tapestries. In point of facts, the walkable area was clear, furnishing had to be minimal, essential, not bulky, comfortable and functional, mixing and being sometimes replaced by architectural elements.
This concept leads our assortment with Italian STYLE and global technology.

Hong Kong

Munus International Ltd


Munus International Ltd operates from the office situated in Hong Kong, working in tight contact with the headquarters’ group based in Italy.
Shenzhen can be quickly reached by subway and it is right there that our workability is focused, thanks to showroom, logistics and staff taking care of quality control and sourcing.
The other operative offices are located in Chaozhou for the South area with logistics plant and in Hangzhou for the Middle-North area with office dedicated to quality control and sourcing.
In the past Hong Kong has symbolized the door to the East for the British Empire, today Hong Kong is the door of China towards the world and of the world towards China. Our company works in this way, being based in Hong Kong, in Sheung Wan, just a few blocks from Central, where the chances for meetings and relationships are highly convenient and facilitates us in offering services and products both TO and FROM a huge expanding world represented by Chinese economy.
Our products are offered at FOB China conditions to those who can buy whole containers up to ship them directly from factories, allowing in this way the best price conditions. The staff, located in the nerve centers as well as logistics plants, ensures an efficiency on quality control and is crucial to meet the needs of a global market that often requires customization and adaptation of the product to the final market requirements.On the other hand, China is becoming a large market for the world that has always seen it just as a supplier. Munus International Ltd enters this huge demand by offering two specific services. Particularly appreciated are sourcing and consolidation from Italy that the division Food of Munus International Srl offers to importers and distributors in China, as well as planning and design that the creative department of the group provides for Chinese manufacturers who more and more want to move their focal point from being simple manual laborers to become manufacturers offering their products and marketing with a design that is often patented and so dictated to the whole world.


Munus International Inc

Munus International Inc

Munus International Inc has headquarters in the State of New York; de facto it represents the transposing of Munus International Srl on the American territory.
To support logistic, legal and service needs, in these areas we are and want to be American.
Through the partnership with important structures working in the Americas since long time, we are able to satisfy the strict precepts of a cutting-edge market built on severe rules disciplining the whole process from the producer to the consumer, undisputed king of a mature market.
Our Italian character remains a service aside and Munus International Inc. fits well with our productions in China or supplies from Italy.
We do not export in USA but it is Munus International Inc that imports from Italy, Europe and China with truly Italian design and brand.


Offices in Italy

Via della Valtiera 233, Loc. Collestrada, Perugia, 06135
Telefono: +39 075 394045
Fax: +39 075 394557

Logistic site in Italy

Via del Rame 23, Loc. Ponte Felcino, Perugia, 06134
Telefono/Fax: +39 075 691594
Mobile: +39 393 8013581

Logistic site in Cina

Tian'an Industrial Zone, Tianji Building, 6F Room D, Futian dist, Shenzhen, China

Logistic site in USA

906 Murray Road, East Hanover, New Jersey, USA, 07936